Data Modernization, club of great minds working together!!

Data Modernization, club of great minds working together!!


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Hi all, back here again!! Today thought of forming a prelude about data modernization, the aiding team in the back, working theory and all. let’s distinguish what is data modernization first....

We know very well the whole world is on a roller coaster of digitally sound business system and nobody wants to miss the train. When it comes to deliver any business solution, take it oil industry, e-commerce, entertainment, telecom, life science, health sector and many uncountable form of various business solutions are today being catered in every nook and cranny, and it is through the digital system mostly. We can feel the vibration of people talking data, AI, ML, and many other platforms as an emergence for becoming the best in the race and helping the world to attain the ease of having right meaning to life. It’s now not limited to generate business revenue, but mankind is behind playing a role for revolutionizing the process of doing business, and digital practice is leading in the action catalogue.

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For any business the narrative starts with cause of solving a problem, and its mostly about uncovering the factual problem to be solved. Looks like I am deviating from the one I started with… OK let’s get back on that, yes even if we think of having a profound digital platform, it’s an interpretation of the act getting applied in solving a business problem only.

When we are behind solving a problem coming from digital world, its foundational value is the kind of data we have!!, we have data from past, present and going to come from future following the business model company has stepped towards. The Business data “the foremost driving force behind!!” and data modernization are the players helping in grounding the steppingstone for setting the future of the digital business solution.

Data modernization, its combination of people working from business (BA) to database platform, from tester to the developer of the business requirement and logic. Its having encapsulation of many parallel programs, it has ingestion, extraction, transformation, aggregation, filtration, database to database workflow. Having layer of upstream workflow to downstream consumption for analytics and monitoring of business objects. We have waves of delivering solutions, data stored in different formats like .csv\tsv\gz and many more. We have data validation happening like check of duplication, file header validation, file check for empty data presence. There are tools getting used for triggering the defined job for ingestion, load, extraction. In cloud we have file and folder structure getting created considering the business requirement. There will be metadata tables, metadata architecture. it just few chunks I tossed here from the data surfeit.

Data modernization is also needed to diverge data based on business unit. We have data stored based on business unit like customer data, marketing data, product data, sales, operational data and equally many business vitals. This helps in further consumption for downstream applications like fetching data based on sales for creating ML solution for SKU recommendation or forecasting the demand of specific product in specific region depending on the buyer’s history. This also facilitate an area where we can allow internal and external business unit to continue doing research for gaining company value and revenue.

So, data modernization is an exercise which setup a strong journey for any company in terms of creating a robust ecosystem having strong adherence of data quality and data governance concept followed across the world.

I have just triggered here the intro of data modernization, but honestly delivering a data modernization program is way big game and sailing in this ship will be full of upheavals but not impossible, we are having many business model anecdotes today, and all those are having this basis in solution availed for the mankind.

Talk is on…!!! I will be deep diving in next keeping the context of big data\data engineering theory getting blended with business model and analytics in the form of AI, ML, DL, computer vision, image processing…... How a data platform is playing a sagacious role in building a modern-day digital platform rather I will say a digital product, urge to get closer on this will be always there and sharing the thought on this is a must.... I will keep on spinning the yarn, stay tuned!!

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